The Official Halloweener Derby Rules

Event Rules:
As in any Race or Event of this nature, Rules and Regulations must apply. If EVERYONE follows the rules, all are assured a GREAT TIME! In addition to the rules below, arguing with the judges, officials, or event coordinators in any way will NOT be tolerated! Offenders will be asked to leave the event should any such argument occur.
Anyone can enter their dachshund on Race Day if there is space available

All breeds of dogs are welcome to attend the event but we suggest that they are well socialized and accustomed to being around other dogs for everyone's safety.
Vaccine Records should be current and available upon request.
Here are the rest of the Race Rules

  • All Dachshunds need to be checked in at the registration table and be assigned a race number.
  • All Dachshunds should have a recent copy of their shot records available.
  • Although we do not require your dog to be papered, we do require that he/she is a Dachshund. If the dog does NOT look like a dachshund, based on AKC /CKC definition, the dog will not be allowed to race.
  • Race participants must be at least 3 months of age or older with current boosters. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Registration tables open 45 minutes before the start of the first heat.
  • The course will be determined on the day of the race.
  • The winning dog in each preliminary heat will advance to the final race.
  • Dog owners should have another human to support/catch the dachshund at finish.
  • Owners may use treats, favorite toys, friends, family members for the race.
  • No drugs, alcohols, or weapons of any type of material. (BOTH dogs AND owners.)
  • Laser pointers are prohibited.
  • Absolutely NO selling any puppies or adult dogs of any breeds.
  • Absolutely NO selling any creature of any age or size or breed.
  • All owners must sign the event waiver form or a disqualification happens without a refund.
  • Dogs competing are NOT required to have papers, but must obviously be a Dachshund. (yes, this is listed twice, thank you…)